Pie Crust Mix


I would like to find an argument against using rice in this but it works perfect to make the crust flaky Yes Kelly is brilliant (one of the Bakers) I have nothing!!!! This will make 2/ 12 in pie shells and tops.

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What you need to supply:
  • Pie shells.
  • ice cold water
  • 2 cups lard
  • apple sauce
  • Marcelle’s Flour Blend (to dust Counter)
Ingredients: (bean flour, tapioca & corn starch, rice flour, Salt
Important to use ice cold water, and then refrigerate when asked Add dry mix bag to bowl cut lard into small pieces and then mix until it becomes small clumps.  Now refrigerate Take 5 cups of this mixture and break down into pea-size clumps Add 1/4 cup applesauce and 7 TBL of ice-cold water. Mix until the pastry becomes a smooth mixture. Roll dough on a well-dusted counter using Marcelle’s Flour blend   or corn starch place dough into pie shells. Makes 2 Pie shells top and bottom 9 in or 50 tart shells.   Add 3 TBL cold water and 2 TBL sp applesauce to what is left it will make another pie bottom.

Product Weight: 1.1 kg


Pie Crust Nutritional Values

*Please Note: Nutrition Values are for finished product

Weight 1.1 kg
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