Southern Ontario Shipping Area

We can only ship our Fresh Products within Southern Ontario.

We ship to the following Postal Codes:

K0A*, K0E*, K0G*, K0H*, K0K*, K0L*, K0M*, K1A*, K1B*, K1G*, K1H*, K1K*, K1L*, K1M*, K1N*, K1P*, K1R*, K1S*, K1T*, K1V*, K1X*, K1Y*, K1Z*

K2A*, K2B*, K2C*, K2E*, K2G*, K2H*, K2J*, K2K*, K2L*, K2M*, K2P*, K2R*, K2S*, K2T*, K2V*, K2W*, K4B*, K4M*, K4P*, K4R*

K6H*, K6J*, K6K*, K6T*, K6V*, K7A*, K7C*, K7G*, K7H*, K7K*, K7L*, K7M*, K7N*, K7P*, K7R*, K8N*, K8P*, K8R*, K8V*, K9A*, K9H*, K9J*, K9K*, K9L*, K9V*

L0A*, L0B*, L0C*, L0E*, L0G*, L0H*, L0J*, L0K*, L0L*, L0M*, L0N*, L0P*, L0R*, L0S*

L1A*, L1B*, L1C*, L1E*, L1G*, L1H*, L1J*, L1K*, L1L*, L1M*, L1N*, L1P*, L1R*, L1S*, L1T*, L1V*, L1W*, L1X*, L1Y*, L1Z*

L2A*, L2E*, L2G*, L2H*, L2J*, L2M*, L2N*, L2P*, L2R*, L2S*, L2T*, L2V*, L2W*

L3B*, L3C*, L3K*, L3M*, L3P*, L3R*, L3S*, L3T*, L3V*, L3X*, L3Y*, L3Z*

L4A*, L4B*, L4C*, L4E*, L4G*, L4H*, L4J*, L4K*, L4L*, L4M*, L4N*, L4P*, L4R*, L4S*, L4T*, L4V*, L4W*, L4X*, L4Y*, L4Z*

L5A*, L5B*, L5C*, L5E*, L5G*, L5H*, L5J*, L5K*, L5L*, L5M*, L5N*, L5P*, L5R*, L5S*, L5T*, L5V*, L5W*,

L6A*, L6B*, L6C*, L6E*, L6G*, L6H*, L6J*, L6K*, L6L*, L6M*, L6P*, L6R*, L6S*, L6T*, L6V*, L6W*, L6X*, L6Y*, L6Z*

L7A*, L7B*, L7C*, L7E*, L7G*, L7J*, L7K*, L7L*, L7M*, L7N*, L7P*, L7R*, L7S*, L7T*

L8B*, L8E*, L8G*, L8H*, L8J*, L8K*, L8L*, L8M*, L8N*, L8P*, L8R*, L8S*, L8T*, L8V*, L8W*

L9A*, L9B*, L9C*, L9E*, L9G*, L9H*, L9J*, L9K*, L9L*, L9M*, L9N*, L9P*, L9R*, L9S*, L9T*, L9V*, L9W*, L9X*, L9X*, L9X*, L9X*, L9Y*, L9Z*

M1B*, M1C*, M1E*, M1G*, M1H*, M1J*, M1K*, M1L*, M1M*, M1N*, M1P*, M1R*, M1S*, M1T*, M1V*, M1W*, M1X*

M2H*, M2J*, M2K*, M2L*, M2M*, M2N*, M2P*, M2R*

M3A*, M3B*, M3C*, M3H*, M3J*, M3K*, M3L*, M3M*, M3N*

M4A*, M4B*, M4C*, M4E*, M4G*, M4H*, M4J*, M4K*, M4L*, M4M*, M4N*, M4P*, M4R*, M4S*, M4T*, M4V*, M4W*, M4X*, M4Y*

M5A*, M5B*, M5C*, M5E*, M5G*, M5H*, M5J*, M5K*, M5L*, M5M*, M5N*, M5P*, M5R*, M5S*, M5T*, M5V*, M5W*, M5X*

M6A*, M6B*, M6C*, M6E*, M6G*, M6H*, M6J*, M6K*, M6L*, M6M*, M6N*, M6P*, M6R*, M6S*

M7A*, M7Y*, M8V*, M8W*, M8X*, M8Y*, M8Z*, M9A*, M9B*, M9C*, M9L*, M9M*, M9N*, M9P*, M9R*, M9V*, M9W*

N0A*, N0B*, N0C*, N0E*, N0G*, N0H*, N0J*, N0K*, N0L*, N0M*, N0N*, N0P*, N0R*

N1A*, N1C*, N1E*, N1G*, N1H*, N1K*, N1L*, N1M*, N1P*, N1R*, N1S*, N1T*

N2A*, N2B*, N2C*, N2E*, N2G*, N2H*, N2J*, N2K*, N2L*, N2M*, N2N*, N2P*, N2R*, N2T*, N2V*, N2Z*

N3A*, N3B*, N3C*, N3E*, N3H*, N3L*, N3P*, N3R*, N3S*, N3T*, N3V*, N3W*, N3Y*

N4B*, N4G*, N4K*, N4L*, N4N*, N4S*, N4T*, N4V*, N4W*, N4X*, N4Z*, N5A*, N5C*, N5H*, N5L*, N5P*, N5R*, N5V*, N5W*, N5X*, N5Y*, N5Z*

N6A*, N6B*, N6C*, N6E*, N6G*, N6H*, N6J*, N6K*, N6L*, N6M*, N6N*, N6P*, N7A*, N7G*, N7L*, N7M*, N7S*, N7T*, N7V*, N7W*, N7X*

N8A*, N8H*, N8M*, N8N*, N8P*, N8R*, N8S*, N8T*, N8V*, N8W*, N8X*, N8Y*, N9A*, N9B*, N9C*, N9E*, N9G*, N9H*, N9J*, N9K*, N9V*, N9Y*

P0B*, P0C*, P0E*, P1H*, P1L*, P1P*, P2A*,


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