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Gluten Free Diet

Is a gluten free diet right for everyone?

Is gluten free the latest fad diet? “Gluten free” is certainly a buzz phrase at the moment. It’s estimated that just under 2 million people in the United States alone follow a gluten free diet without ever having been diagnosed with celiac disease. But is this diet actually beneficial to our health ? Gluten is…

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Almond Cookies Recipe

Ingredients: ¾  cup icing sugar ½ cup  soft butter ¼  tsp Almond flavor 1 Cup Marcelles Flour Blend 1 egg white ½ cup sliced blanched almonds chopped   Directions Beat butter and ½ cup icing sugar and flavor in bowl until combined add 1cup flour mix well. Roll dough into 3 in long logs about…

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Celiac Disease

In this video John talks about the struggles he faces with his daughter who has celiac disease. He created a whole line of foods so she could eat well, and now he ships them across Canada so other can enjoy them too.

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